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Offre N°CatégorieCertificationOrigineProduitValidité de l'offreDate de l'offre
96498 Semences Other Canada Semences en vrac 2020-10-10 2018-11-05
  Description : Organic Moringa seeds, in bulk with or without shells
84099 Semences Other Russie Semences en vrac 2020-02-02 2018-10-08
Description : We have seeds of phacelia and red clover.
Our farm locate in Russia, Republic of Mordovia.
68793 Semences Other Royaume Uni Semences en vrac 2020-12-12 2018-09-19
  Description : NIKA VG UK LTD

We are specialising in herbs and seeds production in collaboration with exclusive partners located in the Eastern Europe well-known by wide range and variety of natural organic herbs.

Our European partners are institutes of medicinal plants, zonal experimental stations and large farms, specializing in medical plants research, with well-established cultivation and commercial production based on known healthy cultivars, standard agronomic practices and specific plant developmental stages and sources.
83027 Semences Blik - Integra Vzw/asbl Danemark Semences en vrac 2020-11-25 2018-08-28
Auto séchés (qualité moyenne) 99,90% de la FFA - 1,00% à 1,25% la teneur en huile - 48% Min humidité - Max 5%
Séché Auto / séchées au soleil - Sortex 99,95%
Auto Séché - Sortex 99,97%
Auto Séché - Sortex (qualité supérieure) 99,98%
Auto Séché - Sortex (Extra Qualité Premium) 99,99%
Etat Graines blanchâtres autres graines pureté des couleurs Autres aspects
98/2/2 98% Min Max 2% 98% Teneur en huile min - 48% Min
FFA 1,50% à 2,00% Min
L'humidité de 6% au maximum
98/2/1 98% Min Max 1% 98% Min
99/1/1 99% Min Max 1% 99% Min
99/1 à 99,90% Min 99 1% max min 99,90%
99/1 à 99,95% Min 99 1% max min 99,95%
Détails de l'emballage: 25/50 kgs SACS PP / de papier ou que par l'exigence
Détail de la livraison: PROMPT
64292 Semences Other Egypte Autres semences 2020-01-01 2018-08-14
  Description : El-MIZAN is a plant raising company aiming at providing Egypt’s vegetable producers and SEKEM for Land Reclamation with healthy, profitable in- and outdoor grafted seedlings. The company was founded 2006 as a joint venture company between Grow Group Holland and Sekem Group Egypt.

The principle of grafting is to use a vigorous rootstock with high absorbing and transporting capacities, so that it is able to provide the chosen plant variety with its needed water and nutrients. This combination of a vigorous rootstock and a strong variety leads to an increase in crop productivity of up to 10%. Such grafted plants are more resistant against soil diseases like root rot, viruses, fusarium and are better adoptable to extreme climates.

Grafting means lower cost per plant due to higher productivity and better plant health and lower cost per area through lower plant density.

In the production we follow the latest phytosanitarian and agricultural standards
83259 Semences Other Iran Semences en vrac 2019-02-15 2018-01-23
Description : organic coriander & parsely seed
76463 Semences Other Pakistan Semences en vrac 2019-06-06 2017-12-11
  Description : Certified Organic Sunflower Seeds, Almond Kernels, Apricot Kernels, Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Flax Seeds and many others
82445 Semences Other Inde Semences en vrac 2019-02-10 2017-12-11
Description : Fenugreek seeds, etc.
75866 Semences Other Great Britain (UK) Autres semences 2019-06-23 2017-11-17
  Description : We can offer premium quality Sunflower Seeds, as well as Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Golden Linseed. NEW PRODUCT: Sweet Apricot Kernels.
82273 Semences Other Royaume Uni Semences en vrac 2019-02-10 2017-10-10
Description : walnuts
91399 Semences Ceres Paraguay Semences en vrac 2019-05-04 2017-06-13
Description : Organic Black Chia Seeds
90677 Semences Other Italie Semences en vrac 2019-01-01 2017-04-14
  Description : Organic cereals

Seeds of Amaranth

Bacche di Goji
Lycium barbarum

Chia Seeds
Salvia hispanica

Quinoa Seeds
Chenopodium quinoa

discover its properties

Lepidium peruvianum

Hemp Seeds
Cannabis Sativa

Sunflower meal cake
Helianthus annuus

discover its properties

Organic Soya Seeds

Organic Corn Seeds

Organic Oat



Soya Meal Cake

Rape Meal Seeds

Sunflower meal cake
77076 Semences Other Chili Semences en vrac 2018-10-20 2017-02-01
  Description : chia seeds- hemp seeds
78419 Semences Other Espagne Semences en vrac 2018-03-20 2017-01-09
Description : Product (all certified organic)
Ajwain or Carom Seeds
Alasande Red (Red cowpea)
Alasande White (Cowpea White)
Bay Leaf
Black Lentil (Black Gram Dal)
Black Pepper Powder
Black Pepper Whole
Coriander Dry Seeds
Cumin or Jeera
Fennel Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds
Flax seeds or Linseeds (Brown)
Mustard Seeds (Black)
Mustard Seed (TS 36 variety)
88775 Semences Other Cameroon Semences en vrac 2020-11-16 2016-11-13
Description : Picralima Nitida is a seed used in African herbal medicine primarily as a pain reliever.  Known as akuamma, the seed contains the alkaloids, akuammine and pericine as well as a number of related minor alkaloids.  Aside from analgesia,  picralima nitida seeds are also used as an anti-inflammatory, a skeletal muscle relaxant  and an anti-diarrheal. Akuammine is an indole alkaloid that is structurally related to yohimbine and mitragynine.  Akuammine is soluble in ethanol. Traditionally akuamma seeds were powdered and taken orally. But given the extremely bitter nature of the seeds, it is not surprising that pharmaceutical makers in Africa isolated the active compounds to produce capsules sold under the name Picap. The seeds are said to contain about 3.5%-4.8% akuammine.

 We offer dried and powder akuamma seed  from Africa. Please kindly let us know if you are interested in our product.
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