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100204 Produits de la mer Other Iles Maurice Poisson surgelé 2022-10-10 2020-11-23
Description : We are a Mauritanian company specialized in international trade of frozen octopus.We guarantee high level of quality and continuity of supply
82454 Produits de la mer Other France Algues 2023-01-01 2020-11-19
  Description : A range of dehydrated seaweed in a new resealable and multiligual packaging. Taste our seaweeds in flakes to spice up your soups, salads and sauces; Or whole, as vegetables as an accompaniment to all your dishes.
71177 Produits de la mer Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Portugal Plats cuisinés, conserves 2020-03-02 2019-03-27
  Description : Fillets of Tuna in Olive Oil - Santa Catarina - 120g -
Boxes of 24 units

Characterized by a MILD flavor and slightly salty, with a texture pinkish and SOFT.

Origin: São Jorge - Portugal
Ingredients: Fillets of Tuna in Organic Olive Oil: Tuna, cold pressed olive oil and salt Fillets of Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Tuna, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salt
Gastronomy: Can be accompanied with vegetables and fresh vegetables and spiced with virgin olive oil
Conservation: Store in a cool dry place
Validity: 5 years
93295 Produits de la mer Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Portugal Algues 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : Algues de la région de Algarve dans le sud du Portugal
78753 Produits de la mer Other Sénégal Poisson frais 2019-12-12 2017-11-06
Description : SENEFRANCE PECHE est une société française située sur la Côte d'Azur et importateur de poisson sauvage FRAIS de la pêche du jour, les différentes plages du Sénégal avec des arrivages journaliers par avion de Dakar directement sur ??les différents aéroports européens.

Notre usine de fabrication à Dakar transforme également du poisson CONGELE et envoi les produits directement par transport maritime à des clients en Europe, Asie et partout dans le monde

Notre sélection de produit est faite directement par les pêcheurs artisanaux de l'arrivée des pirogues sur les plages le long de la côte entre haute Dakar et Saint-Louis, Mbour, Kayar.

Les poissons sont transportés immédiatement sur ??la glace en utilisant des véhicules frigorifiques dans notre établissement Dakar être nettoyé, préparé éviscérés par espèces ou filetée.
92807 Produits de la mer Other France Algues 2019-01-01 2017-10-10
Description : Production de Spiruline
76661 Produits de la mer Other Ecuador Autres produits de la mer 0000-00-00 2017-07-26
  Description : Organic Shrimp
Our high quality products are processed under total compliance of HACCP regulations and are certified AB, EURO LEAF, BIO SWISS and QCS standards.
We can proudly offer raw, frozen, precooked and cooked shrimp in blocks or IQF:

• Head on shrimp
• Shell on shrimp
• Value Added
• Pealed
• Pulled vein
• Peeled and deveined (P&D)
• Peeled undevein (PUD)
• Butterfly
• EZ-peel
• Skewers
90946 Produits de la mer Other Norvège Poisson surgelé 2020-12-12 2017-06-13
  Description : Product name Frozen Bay scallop meat
Processing way IQF Meat, Half Shell, Cooked/ Additives or non
Shelf life/Storage 24 months under -18 degrees.
Minimum Order/Quantity 12 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Loading Port Any port of Norway
Packing Retailer pack or bulk or depends on clients' requirements
Delivery time Within 15-20 days after order confirmed
Payment terms A.T/T with 30% prepayment, and balance payment against the copy of shipping docs sent by email or fax.
B. L/C at sight. (Issuing bank should be acceptable to us.)
Supply Ability 500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons Per Month
Certifications Bill of lading,
Packing list,
Commercial invoice,
Certification of origin,
Health certification
68577 Produits de la mer Other Philippines Autres produits de la mer 2018-02-15 2017-01-05
Description : Organically raised and cultured in a privately owned Philippine provincial fishpond. At the moment, we have 30 bottles on stock. Each bottle priced at US$7.50.
78946 Produits de la mer Other Vietnam Poisson surgelé 2018-04-25 2016-11-21
Description : Ingredients: Pangasius
Size: 120-170, 170-220,
Packing: 1kg/bag x 10/ctn or 10 kg bulk or interleaved 5 kg/block x 2/ctn or depend on customers
The protein from Pangasius (and all other fish) is easily digested and absorbed into the body. It does not have any adverse side effects or contain carcinogenic compounds like other meats do
88718 Produits de la mer Other Sénégal Poisson frais 2018-11-21 2016-11-10
Description : tout type de poissons frais; dorade, vivaneau ,rouget ,st pierre , congelé ceinture,sompatt, maquereaux,sardinelles, thon...
87521 Produits de la mer Other Estonie Algues 2019-02-02 2016-08-18
Description : urcellaria lumbricalis is a red algae (seaweed) Gdthat grows as a dark, cylindrical, regularly dichotomously branched frond. A single main axis arises from a branched holdfast, forming a single dichotomous (Y-shaped) branch. From there, all branches branch twice, with branchlets growing shorter towards the pointed apices. Overall, Furcellaria lumbricalis is very cartilaginous in texture and dark reddish-brown in color, drying to black. Fronds can reach a maximum length of 30 centimeters

Furcellaria lumbricalis is an economically important species around the Baltic Sea region where it is harvested as a raw material in the production of carageenans, a compound that is used extensively in the food industry as a stabilizer and thickener in products like ice cream, pudding, and gelatinized items to name a few. Extracts of Furcellaria lumbricalis are also utilized in cosmetic products for thickening and stabilization as well as added minerals and skin softening agents.
66918 Produits de la mer Other Etats-Unis Poisson frais 2018-03-02 2016-08-12
  Description : Organic Tilapia from Florida.




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