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56359 Produits sucres Other Italie Glaces, surgelés 2023-05-05 2021-01-11
  Description : Biodynamic and fairtrade ice creams
vanela, chocolate, tartufo, mango....
60972 Produits sucres Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Mexique Autres produits sucres 2023-02-13 2021-01-11
  Description : Organic Blue Agave Syrup does not have an after taste and will enhance the flavor of food. It is an ideal replacement for sugar, honey, and artificial sweeteners. Today, Agave syrup is being used in the manufacturing of fruit preservatives, baked goods, juice, beverages, energy bars, soy products, cereals, sauces, salad dressings, and more.

* Sweetener: Agave Syrup is a 100% Natural Sweetener, lowers the calories and is sweeter than sugar giving manufacturers the opportunity to offer a healthier product by not using sugar or artificial sweeteners.

* Agave Syrup is also a natural flavor booster, using it as an ingredient gives food better taste and also is a natural conservative

*Shelf life is 3 years minimum

* The important thing is that besides all of its properties Agave Syrup has low Glicemic Index, our company, Best Ground International has the lowest in the market which is 17 (sugar is 100), this is very important because it gives you the opportunity to enter to a completely different market that nowadays is increasing more rapidly, this is the Diabetic Market, Agave Syrup is so versatile that is consumed for regular people, but is also great for diabetics and perfect for kids! How problematic is that our kids are eating giant quantities of sugar and this just leads to a unhealthy life with blood pressure problems, obesity, and hyperactivity... This is a great opportunity leading to a healthier and better choice.
96652 Produits sucres Other Roumanie Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2022-02-02 2020-12-10
Description : I am organic honey certified producer from Romania. I have about 5000 kg of acacia honey for sale
96940 Produits sucres Other Afrique du Sud Autres produits sucres 2023-10-10 2020-12-09
Description : Organic Soyage Fruit Forest Soyage Peach Soyage Strawberry Tofu Pate Tofu Pate Yeast Pate Yeast Pate - soy dessert - soy dessert - soy dessert - Mexican yeast free, tube - Tomato yeast free, tube - Herb, tube - Mushroom, tube
84098 Produits sucres Other Russie Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2023-12-31 2020-11-27
Description : We produce organic honey.
Our bee yards are located in Russia, Republic of Mordovia.
The following plants have been used by our bees: Linden, Mint, Tutsan, Échium vulgáre, Willow Herb, Clover and Sunflower.
65154 Produits sucres Ecocert France Autres produits sucres 2023-05-05 2020-11-27
  Description : honey
agave syrup
cane sugar
whole cane sugar
invert sugar
liquis sugar
84460 Produits sucres Other Emirats Arabes Unis Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2023-12-31 2020-11-27
Description : Miel. Propolis. Honey. Pollen.
84457 Produits sucres Other Iran Purée de fruits secs 2023-12-31 2020-11-27
Description : Iranian dried fruit puree for confectionary
73038 Produits sucres Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Italie Confitures et gelés 2023-03-27 2020-11-27
  Description : Organic Jams and Marmalades in Jars 200 g
78954 Produits sucres Other Portugal Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2023-04-15 2020-11-27
Description : The Center of Excellence for the Valorization of Mediterranean wild resources A.C (CEVRM), is a company that pretends to offer an efficient response in the domains of investigation, technical support, education, support to the eco cert certification, market study, elaboration of marketing strategy and funding solutions.
83877 Produits sucres Other Bulgarie Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2023-02-02 2020-11-19
Description : Organic non-treated honey, wax, pollen. Certified.
83872 Produits sucres Other Kenya Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2023-12-31 2020-11-19
  Description : Primebee Honey, Baringo's Wild from the magnificent plains and hills of Baringo in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. Organic, natural and purely healthy.
83873 Produits sucres Other Kenya Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2023-02-02 2020-11-19
  Description : Primebee Honey, Baringo's Wild Jar
Packaged in Jars
Available in net weights 100gms, 170gms, 350gms, 500gms and 1000gms
96449 Produits sucres Other Afrique du Sud Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2022-02-10 2020-11-16
Description : We have plenty of beehives on our estate, producing excellent organic honey.

Varieties for sale to local consumers:

Orange blossom
Eucalyptus tree
94459 Produits sucres Other République Tchèque Spécialités 2023-02-02 2020-10-19
  Description : All of our products are baked according to our original recipes and are certified organic, as we make them using only ingredients from certified organic farming. Our organic products have no artificial trans fats, refined white sugar, chemical preservatives, or artificial colouring or flavouring.
Our product range also includes organic gluten-free biscuits, VEGAN products, biscuits for children 1+ year and FREE-FROM all alergens products.
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