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98418 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Iran Plantes médicinales 2022-05-04 2020-03-30
  Description : Dear Sir/Madam
We would be pleasure to inform you that Ebrahimi Trading Co. exports Medicinal plants, Herbal products, Cosmetic raw materials, Essential oils and agricultural products to European countries.
99137 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Russie Plantes médicinales 2022-03-31 2020-03-10
Description : Rhodiola rosea
Rhodiola quadrifida
Paeónia anómala
Rhapónticum carthamoídes
Chaga( Inonotus obliquus )
Aralia mandshúrica
Phellodendron amurense
Lespedeza hedysaroides
Saussurea salicifolia
Salsola Collina Pall.
Dioscoréa caucásica
Dioscoréa nippónica
Aconítum soongáricum ( Pamir Mountains in Central Asia )
Arctostáphylos úva-úrsi
Cimicifúga racemosa
Polemónium caerúleum
bladderwrack ( fucus vesiculosus )
Birch buds (Betulis gemmae )
Pine buds (Gemmae Pini silvestris)
Black elderberry ( Sambúcus nígra)
Rubus chamaemorus
linden flowers (Tiliae flores)
Potentilla alba
Potentilla erecta ..
89941 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Russie Plantes médicinales 2022-03-31 2020-03-10
Description : Rhododendron Adamsii (White Wings, Sagan Dali, Sagan Dalya). This herb is an endemic plant which natural habitat is near Sayan Mountain Range in Buryatia.
Rhododendron adamsii has been mentioned in three Tibetan medical treatises as adaptogenic, stimulating and tonic plant. It considered that leaves and flowers of this plant possess the magic power to grant to a man vitality, to strengthen workability and bearability, to improve the potency. It has been applied when chronic diseases accompanying with general decline of living powers, headaches, sleeplessness, exhaustion.
In folk medicine of Russia and indigenous tribes of Eastern Siberia Rhododendron adamsii still uses to cure heart, nervous and stomach illnesses, and also as diuretic, sweating and lowering fever measure. So broad application of a plant is connected with belief that it acts immediately on the human body as whole system.

We provide 1kg up to 100kg. During season up to 1 ton
99133 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Inde Plantes aromatiques 2021-05-12 2020-03-10
Description : We are a Organic Farming Farmer Association is Funded by Govt. Of India we cultivate our product truly in natural, scientific guideline of international laws we are supplying our Sami process or raw materials various exporters through out the country
99129 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Egypte Plantes aromatiques 2022-02-03 2020-03-10
  Description : e are a specialized company in processing, packing and exporting dried herbs, seeds and aromatic plants from Egypt. We provide our valuable customers with a wide range of products selected from our sourcing farms with extra care and processed in our fully automated facility to reach its destination in fine quality of dry raw state.

We supply organic products according to our client’s detailed specs as leaves cut, packing size and labeling, we also provide steam sterilized products upon client request
76241 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Espagne Huiles essentielles 2021-01-17 2020-03-03
  Description : Trabajamos +200 aceites esenciales biológicos y quimiotipados.
78138 Plantes aromatiques medicinales National Organisation For Certification And Inspection Of Agricultural Products -agrocert Grêce Autres plantes aromatiques medicinales 2022-06-01 2020-03-03
Description : Mint dried leaves (Mentha Piperita)

We are a aromatics herb producing farm with a complete vertical unit and commercial operations. We strive to grow, harvest, process and distribute our products ourselves with the

We are offering dried leaves from Mentha Piperita.
The leaves are from June's harvest, handpicked from the fields are 100% mint leaves, cleaned from weeds.

Our farm is located in Northeastern Greece, Prosotsani region which has abundant water resources and sunshine year around.
Furthermore, our farm has been pesticide and mineral fertilizer free for the last three years.

We are currently underway organic certification (GR-BIO-10) and the German "Ohne Gentechnik" - GMO free label.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry, we answer within 24 hours.
84962 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Perou Plantes aromatiques 2022-02-02 2020-02-03
Description : ofrezco hojas de almendro y marañon al por mayor secas enteras y trituradas para comercializacion, bueno para diabetes , transtornos digestivos entre otras propiedades. producto de la amazonia peruana ucayalina. I offer almond leaves and cashew wholesale dried whole and crushed to marketing , good for diabetes, digestive disorders among other properties . product of the Peruvian Amazon Ucayali
85450 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Jordanie Autres plantes aromatiques medicinales 2022-02-02 2020-02-03
  Description : The remarkable properties of the olive tree have been known since ancient times; there are many mentions in the Bible and the power of olive leaves to control fever was documented as early as the 1800s. The reason that olive trees survive and bear fruit for thousands of years is because of its oleuropein component. The polyphenol is present in the leaves, in the olives and in olive oil, yet is most concentrated in the leaf.

Oleuropein, a polyphenol, is the main active ingredient of olive leaf extract. Increasingly knowledgeable consumers seek out products with a high oleuropein content.

The oleuropein content of Palolea’s olive leaf extract is standardized to 20 percent, making it more potent than the industry standard, which is 10 to 18 percent.
85482 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Maroc Plantes médicinales 2020-01-01 2020-02-03
Description : Bonjour ,

Nous sommes une société marocaine spécialisée dans la production de plantes aromatiques et médicinales, fraiche et séchée et dans la production d’huiles essentielles.

Nos produits répondent aux exigences de qualité sur l'échelle internationale. Ils sont 100% naturel, issues de culture biologique dans une atmosphère contrôlée, sans usage de produits chimiques. Tous nos produits sont disponibles dans la limite de nos stocks.

Notre production peut être personnalisée en fonction des besoins de nos clients. Nous garantissons une continuité ainsi que la qualité de nos plantes ainsi que nos huiles. Des échantillons peuvent être fournis sous la réserve d’une demande préalable.
85670 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Albanie Plantes aromatiques 2021-12-31 2020-02-03
Description : I am George Fullani.

I have an enterprise in Albania named LULE BORE that produces Organic Essential oils and Hydrosols with steam distillation at 100 C.

My production is certified Organic Standard equivalent to EEC 834/2007.
The list has 22 plants all Wildcrafted,hand collected and grow in typical geographic zone:

Salvia Officinalis,Myrtus Communis,Melissa Officinalis,Satureja Montana,Mentha Pulegium,Juniperus Communis,Thymus Serpillum,Spartium Junceum,Rosa Canina,Acacia Dealbata etc.
My company's capacity of production is 800-1.000L Essential oil and 150.000L Floral water per year.Now I have for sale:

Price List of LULE BORE;

1- Organic Essential Oil Salvia Officinalis (stems,leaves and flowers) = 100 EURO/LITRE per 100 LITRES
2- Organic Essential Oil Myrtus Communis (leaves and fruits) = 120 EURO/LITRE per 20 LITRES
3- Organic Hydrosol from Salvia Officinalis and Myrtus Communis = 2.5 EURO/LITRE per 20.000 LITRES
4- Organic Hydrosol from Rosa Canina (fruits) = 10 EURO/LITRE per 500 LITRES
5- Organic Hydrosol from Acacia Dealbata (flowers) = 10 EURO/LITRE per 1.500 LITRES

I have laboratory tests (GC-MS) for Salvia Officinalis and Myrtus Communis.Also I have all the documents and samples and can send them to you.

Address : Petrele,Tirane-Albania
Phone or Viber : + 355 68 33 93 968

Thanking you in advance for your interest,

Yours sincerely,
George Fullani
59017 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Espagne Huiles essentielles 2021-01-20 2020-02-03
  Description : Everything from the common unto the most exotic oils.

The widest offer on the market for quality, price and ecology.
59018 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Espagne Autres plantes aromatiques medicinales 2021-04-08 2020-02-03
  Description : A product line specially made for health shops.

A wide range – high quality and certified organic origin.
59019 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Espagne Autres plantes aromatiques medicinales 2021-04-04 2020-02-03
  Description : Transformed Raw Material

All our products are available in different forms and cuts, to offer you the possibility to use them in manufacturing your organic products.
60636 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Grêce Autres plantes aromatiques medicinales 2021-02-02 2020-02-03
Description : we sell organic herbs spices oils
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