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89849 Grocery products Ceres China Pasta 2019-06-10 2017-02-21
  Description : Organic pastas and noodles made from beans.
78410 Grocery products Ecocert Morocco Spreads and pastes 2019-12-12 2017-01-09
Description : Pate à tartiner Marocaine (mélange amande, miel et huile d'argan)
71870 Grocery products Other India Other grocery products 2018-12-31 2017-01-09
  Description : Our company has around 500 registered farmers who are involving in certified organic farming practices, with an average experience level of 5 years. The total certified land area looked after by our company is around 1500 ha.

The company has been involved in the trading of around 242 certified organic products, involving both cultivation and wild harvest.


Anise/Aniseed Dal Cheeni
Apricots dried cardamom
Arecanut (whole) dried clove
Black Mustard Seed Dried/Dehydrated Apricots
Black Paper Powder Dry/Dehydrated Coriander leaves
Black Pepper (Powder) Fennel
Cardamom Large(black) Fennel Powder
BISHOPS WEEDS Fennel/saunf
CARDAMOM (Elettaria cardamomum) Fenugreek Powder (Methi Powder)
Cardamom Small (elettaria) Fenugreek seeds
Cardamom Small(mixed) Garlic paste
Cardamom Garlic Powder
Chiily Flakes-Bird Eye Ginger
Chilli- Bird Eye ginger flakes
Chilli powder Ginger Fresh
chilli whole Ginger paste
chilly powder-bird eye Ginger Powder
cinnamon ginger sliced(dried)
clove powder ginger whole
Cloves ginger whole (dried)
Coriander Powder ginger(dried,bleached)
coriander seed Green chilli fresh
Cumin Powder Green chilli Pickel
Cumin whole green pepper/bell pepper
nutmeg (in shell) Salted cumin cookies
nutmeg (shelled) turmeric fresh
nutmeg mace (dried) Turmeric Paste
nutmeg mace red dried Turmeric Powder
nutmeg mace yellow dried Turmeric whole-dried
Nutmeg whole Turmeric Whole-fresh
Nutmeg(fresh) White pepper
Red Chilli (whole) White pepper powder
78584 Grocery products Other Canada Other grocery products 2018-01-29 2016-12-12
  Description : Organic Cinnamon
Other Common Names: Ceylon Cinnamon

Spice Sanctuary Grade: Cinnamom Zeylanicum species, Hand harvested

Tasting Notes: Sweeter, lighter and less woody than Cassia versions

Recommended Spice Pairing: Cardamom Ground Seeds, Cloves, Ginger Powder, Nutmeg Ground, Red Chili/Cayenne, Moroccan Harmony Spice Blend, Sweet Delight Spice Blend

Use Everyday In: breakfast dishes, cooked fruits and jams, smoothies, coffee, tea, chocolate, desserts, baking, curries, root vegetable soups, chicken and pork dishes.
78766 Grocery products Other Hungary Tomato sauce 2018-04-15 2016-12-12
  Description : Tomato concentrate using a gentle procedure, giving out the essential components of the raw tomato taste and an especially beautiful pigment. The bio tomato paste can be used for making tomato juice, or sauces, or added to Italian dishes. Made from 5 times the amount of tomatoes.
Also available bio ketchup, Mexican sauce, Bolognese sauce, Milanese sauce.
49932 Grocery products Other Germany Muesli, flakes 2018-12-12 2016-12-12
  Description : organic breakfast cereals
Tasty, fluffy, fruity - with extra large fluffy Krunchy clusters. In two varieties: Barnhouse Krunchy strawberry and cranberry-cherry. 100% organic!
78767 Grocery products Other Hungary Pasta 2018-03-01 2016-11-29
  Description : Premium Bio SPELT pasta, made from inhouse spelt flour. The impeccable quality of ingredients as well as more than twenty years of expertise. This is what makes it really unique giving the unique color, odor and taste, with a beneficial protein, mineral and vitamin content. Egg Free
Fusili, Spagetti, macaroni, long noodles, penne etc.
White and wholewheat
78768 Grocery products Other Hungary Muesli, flakes 2018-04-15 2016-11-29
  Description : The worlds most nutritious 5 bio grains in a flake mix. The crushed fine wheat, the delicate barley, the coarse rye, the velvety oat and the nutritious spelt.
78769 Grocery products Other Hungary Cocktail biscuits etc. 2018-01-29 2016-11-29
  Description : Bio Spelt specialties in prestige quality. Handmade honey cookies with different toppings: original (no egg) , chocolate, walnut, coconut or lemon oil. No dairy added.
78866 Grocery products Other France Other grocery products 2018-12-12 2016-11-21
  Description : Organic grocery products gluten free
58831 Grocery products Other Germany Other grocery products 2018-12-07 2016-11-07
  Description : Barnhouse produces over 20 different varieties of organic crunchy cereals. From our basic oat crunchy without refined sugar to our exclusive breakfast mix with cranberries or strawberries.
Your Krunchy-World
From the delivery of the whole meal or wholegrain oats to the final production of the crispy muesli/cereal everything takes place under one roof. Follow us on a short tour through the Barnhouse Krunchy World.
51261 Grocery products Other Germany Baby foods 2018-07-22 2016-11-07
  Description : Certified organic products for babies
70141 Grocery products Other USA Other grocery products 2018-02-23 2016-11-07
Description : All of our Organic Food Products are certified organic and free from GMO material. We offer the following organic products which are also available in private label. Grocery Items - Jam, Peanut Butter, Soup Snack Items - Microwave Popcorn, Bulk Popcorn Dairy Items - Cheese, Milk, Butter, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Ice Cream Bakery Items - Cake Mixes, Bread Mixes, Cookie Mixes, Brownie Mixes
59089 Grocery products Other Japan Other grocery products 2018-03-10 2016-10-11
  Description : Organic Shoyu and Tamari

Sales in Bulk
18 litres egible steel drums
litres egible steel drums
litres egible steel drums
tons egible steel drums
88122 Grocery products Other Australia Other grocery products 2018-01-01 2016-09-19
  Description : Organic foods and food supplements
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