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91449 Services Other Consulting
Description : Gibiskus, based in Casablanca is a sister company of Hibiscus Universal DWC LLC (Dubai) and is engaged in consulting and investment advice in agribusiness in MEA region. Our team has developed a recognized expertise in projects development and agribusiness sectors by assisting investors in to implement efficiently their investment.

For several years and thanks to a dedicated team we have built expertise in different sectors: Agriculture, water, environment, food, animal nutrition, forestry, irrigation, rural development...
90525 Services Other Consulting
Description : Organic Farm Design for new land with Mr.Kaan Ritkhachorn farmer founder&CEO

Mr.Kaan Ritkhachorn&Mrs.Anotai Gongvatana who found RaiPlukRak was established in 2000
in Ratchaburi province Thailand
Being a small size farm of 20 acres.we utilize our resources effictively according to our king Phumipol theory .The land is devised into 30:30:30:10 ratio.Our factory do 100% certified organic usda,canada,Europe,IFOAM


Organic Best Farm Awards from Thai Minister of agriculture and coopelative

Organic Best Farm Awards from ACT Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand

SVN Awards for Small Bussiness from Social Venture Network Asia(Thailand)

89683 Services Other Other Services
Description : Exhibition MAP EXPO - The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants. 1st edition is on 29 & 30 March 2017 in the Netherlands.
89656 Services Other Consulting
  Description : We want to work hard to get excellent results. We work hard because of our passion, and the realization that hard work is necessary to be great at what we do. We also believe in taking time off to round out our lives, create a sustainable career, and come back to work refreshed to perform better.
Gathering precise information about your crop is vital to support you with best technology and solution for healthy and cost efficient organic, IPM and conventional crop.
89506 Services Other Consulting
Description : courtage
84952 Services Other Consulting
Description : International consulting firm specialized in Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment between Latin America and the European Union
83882 Services Other Consulting
Description : Spectrum Export & Import Inc. is one of the reliable sourcing agents engaged in providing a wide range of CERTIFIED ORGANIC WHOLE MILK POWDER
83295 Services Other Consulting
Description : Map Business is part of the Map Group; we develop business for Brazilian companies to export their products. Headquartered in Florianopolis, in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.
We have also the structure to help companies who need assitance end help to came in Brazil, install or import their products.
82655 Services Other Other Services
Description : Consulting for other quality and food safety services as well as sustainable production is available.
82654 Services Other Consulting
Description : Services for establishing your own organic farm in Iran, Joint-venture opportunities to enter to the emerging organic market of Iran. we are here to make it happen
82645 Services Instituto Biodinamico Other Services
Description : Export agent
82644 Services Instituto Biodinamico Consulting
Description : Consultant for companies that want to import brazilian organic products
82635 Services Other Consulting
82522 Services Other Consulting
  Description : CAPI-PROJETS est un cabinet de pilotage de projets multiformes. Son activité phare est la prestation de services aux organismes (entreprises, collectivités territoriales, associations, ong, etc.) et aux particuliers. CAPI-PROJETS a été créé pour répondre aux objectifs suivants :
1- Répondre aux besoins immédiats des organismes pour leur projet de mise en place d'une démarche responsable et sociétale. Ceci devrait contribuer au développement durable et à la qualité de leur service,
2- Contribuer à la formation du personnel de tout organisme,
3- Optimiser le concept de l'immigration responsable en apportant assistance aux professionnels et étudiants qui désirent réaliser des projets de voyage d'étude, de perfectionnement et de reconversion. Cette assistance devrait contribuer à faciliter la procédure de demande de visa,
4- Optimiser le projet de commerce équitable et le négoce responsable.
81779 Services Other Other Services
Description :
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