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62516 Commodities Other Brazil Sugar 2015-11-10 2013-09-09
  Description : We industrializes exclusively own organic sugar cane and therefore we guarantee full traceability, from the field until the final product within an extensive checking system.

Our product, organic brown sugar, is first of all a whole food, with all minerals contained in the sugar cane plant preserved due to the fact that there isn’t any kind of neither centrifugation nor refination. Organic brown sugar is very rich in minerals, to mention only calcium, potassium, phosphor and iron among others.

Organic brown sugar is an energetic food appreciated by sportsmen, it is recommended during pregnancy and for children, it releases stress, it helps prevent osteoporosis and caries due to its high calcium content.

Organic brown sugar can be used as a substitute of any kind of sweetener for milk, coffee, juices and other refreshing drinks. It can also be used in bakeries and desserts, as ice cream topping, goes with cereals and gives the yogurt a special flavor.
72281 Commodities Other India Sugar 0000-00-00 2013-09-09
Description : Golden Light / Light Brown Sugar
Sortex cleaned organic sugar available with all the custom clearence done. Delivery any where in EU.

Packing - 25 KGS PP Kraft bags with inner liner
MOQ - 1x20 feet container
71982 Commodities Ceres Philippines Sugar 2013-12-30 2013-08-29
Description : organic coconut sugar made from freshly harvested 100% pure coconut sap
71862 Commodities Other Madagascar Sugar 2015-11-02 2013-08-21
Description : Sucre biologique et complet.
Aucune transformation.

Produit équitable, certifié ECOCERT.
71707 Commodities Other Paraguay Sugar 2014-01-05 2013-08-07
Description : Organic Cane Sugar, ICUMSA: 400 - 2.800, Pol: 98.4 - 99.8, Granulation: 0.35 - 0.65mm, origins: Paraguay / Argentina, price range: USD 950 - 1100 p/Mt FOB Asuncion / Buenos Aires / Iquique
71257 Commodities Ecocert India Sugar 2014-02-20 2013-07-08
  Description : Organic sugar

Indian Origin. Qualities - white / extra-light / golden and demerara
63302 Commodities Other Philippines Sugar 2013-12-31 2013-05-27
Description : COCO NATURA - Nature's Finest Sweetener (Coco Sugar).
- All Natural
- Highly Nutritious
- No Aftertaste
- Low Glycemic Index
- Ideal for Diabetics
- Rich in vitamins and mineral
70663 Commodities Other Colombia Sugar 2015-02-15 2013-05-27
  Description : Organic Sugar is unrefined, evaporated sugar cane juice, 100% natural, and 100% organic sugar that maintain all of its natural occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Maintaining a natural blonde color, Organic Sugar is a healthier option as opposed to refined sugar that is pure white in color. Organic Sugar is processed with a unique single crystallization process that preserves the flavor of the sugar cane. Organic Sugar is a great source of energy and has essential minerals without harsh chemicals or additives . Growth and harvesting of organic sugar is performed with organic fertilizers and manual weed control. Recovery and conservation of soil conditions are always a focus when harvesting organic sugar. Processing organic sugar occurs without burning the sugar cane leaves, which leads to preservation of compostable materials that do not increase the greenhouse effect.
59245 Commodities Bcs öko Garantie Gmbh Colombia Coffee & substitutes 2014-10-07 2013-04-29
  Description : Café verde biologico certificado sacos 70 kg.
Café biologico tostado Santa Marta Gold 250 grs
Café biologico tostado Mountain Gold 250 grs.
Café biologico grano Green Beans 250 grs.
Café biologico verde Green Gold 250 grs.
Café tostado y molido con marca del distribuidor en envase de 0’250grs
51463 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Brazil Coffee & substitutes 2014-02-10 2013-04-29
  Description : 100 % Arabian coffee. Originated of states of Sao Paolo and Minais Gerais
Guaranteed freshness : a year before manufacturing date.
69761 Commodities Ecocert India Sugar 0000-00-00 2013-03-28
Description : organic sugar cane golden light,brown(demerara)
69236 Commodities Other India Sugar 2014-02-23 2013-02-19
  Description : Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
68336 Commodities Other India Sugar 2014-05-20 2013-02-19
  Description : White Cane SUgar
68945 Commodities Other French Southern Terr. Tea 0000-00-00 2013-02-08
Description : THé vert SERENIGY 100 % bio a base de ganoderma
68123 Commodities Control Union Netherlands Sugar 2014-03-07 2012-12-11
Description : Offering organic sugar Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, India
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