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93291 Milk & dairy products Other South Africa Skimmed or powdered milk 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
  Description : We supply South African produced camel milk
The perfect alternative to dairy and almost as good as mother’s milk!

Camel milk has more Vitamin C, B6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium than cows milk, and is lower in lactose! Camel milk contains natural antibiotics which keeps the milk fresher for a longer period.
63018 Milk & dairy products Soil Association Certification Ltd Great Britain (UK) Cheese 2019-12-15 2017-01-09
  Description : Our cheese makers craft a delicious range of award winning cheeses from organic cows milk, conventional and organic sheep milk and most recently goat milk.
The organic cow milk comes from the cows based on our farm. The sheep milk is supplied by several sheep milking units, the largest milking over 700 ewes twice every day, and our goat milk comes from Kent.
78518 Milk & dairy products Organic Growers And Buyers Association (ogba) USA Skimmed or powdered milk 2018-12-30 2016-11-21
Product Description; Low Heat Non Fat Dry Milk is the
powder obtained by the removal of water from pasteurized
Grade A skim milk. It contains lactose, milk
proteins and milk minerals in the same relative proportions
as they occur in fresh milk. No preservatives, alkali or
other chemicals have been added. Powder will have a light
cream to white color with a clean, cooked flavor and no off
Product Information: Product will meet or exceed all
standards and specifications for Grade A, Low Heat
Nonfat Dry Milk Powder as defined by USDA as well as
definitions as outlined in 21 CFR part 131.125.
Ingredient Statement: Non Fat Dry milk
79624 Milk & dairy products Other Macedonia Butter, cream 2018-03-01 2016-10-11
Description : Organic butter (from organic milk)
Organic cocoa flavored cream used in sandwich biscuits
64598 Milk & dairy products Qualite France France Yogurt 2018-08-08 2016-05-19
Description : Yaourt brasse au lait de vache: nature vanille,citron, aux fruits
Yaourt brasse au lait de brebis: nature vanille citron
73713 Milk & dairy products Other France Skimmed or powdered milk 2018-02-05 2016-04-25
Description : Je suis producteur de lait de vache certifié AB par Ecocert. je cherche à vendre mon lait en cru, uht ou transformé en yaourt ou fromage (à votre convenance)
jusqu'à 200000 Litre par an avec un contrat sérieux
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