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Key theme decided for BioFach 2013: Shared Values. Action for a Future World

- Focus on shared values as basis of global organic sector

- Key topics: cooperation, value chain and the conflict between regionality and globalization

BioFach, the World Organic Trade Fair, gathers representatives from the entire organic sector in Nürnberg once a year. The next time will be from 13–16 February 2013, when international organic players help to shape the market, organic movement and policy for a future world. At BioFach and Vivaness 2012, 2,420 exhibitors – 204 of them at the Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care and Wellness – presented their products to the 40,315 trade buyers from 130 nations. The focus at the next edition is on the organic sector as a global family. This will deal with the importance of shared values, fair action, fair and transparent value chains and variety through regionality and globalization.

The key theme for BioFach is designed by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) as the international patron of BioFach, the German Federation of the Organic Food Industry (BÖLW) as national supporting organization, and NürnbergMesse together with exhibitors and visitors at the world’s leading exhibition.

Claus Rättich, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse: “At the next BioFach, the international sector will discuss what requirements are necessary for sustainable and future-proof management. The main attention will be devoted to the question of how the organic sector can contribute even more to a better world for living in through increased cooperation and solidarity. This key aspect smoothly continues last year’s main theme of sustainability. We are therefore taking up an issue that affects all market players and their services, and this over all stages of the whole value chain – from field to fork! So it is only logical to put this on the agenda of all players at the sector’s annual gathering. We look forward to stimulating and inspiring discussions!”

From shared values to action

Dr. Alexander Gerber, General Manager of BÖLW: “A common understanding of the fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture, processing methods that preserve values, and fair trade provide a stable foundation for the organic movement and also determine its strength. Values are an evolved self-conception and at the same time a challenge. They must be continuously examined and improved in the conflict between ethics and economy.” Markus Arbenz, Executive Director of IFOAM: “The organic sector acts linked by the whole spectrum of the players’ shared values and goals, for example between countries, cultures, markets, organizations, professions and products. These values are practised and ‘traded’ with every product – but also on platforms like the world’s leading exhibition BioFach. Value development, information, inspiration and motivation become more important. This strengthens the common features and effectiveness of actions for the future.”

The key theme of BioFach 2013 has three main facets: cooperation, value chain and the conflict between regionality and globalization The shared values practised form the basis for all these aspects.

Fair action and cooperation

Sector representatives like IFOAM and BÖLW are agreed: trading needs partners. If their needs are considered by all concerned, partnerships and cooperations are created for the benefit of all – also as a requirement for individual success. It is a matter of activating these between producers, processing and trading stages, consumers, research and consulting organizations, certifiers and service providers – regionally, between North and South and large and small, just as much as globally.

Value chain

Fair relationships between the persons involved over all stages of the value chain are a necessary requirement for a secure future and sustainable management from an ecological, economic and cultural viewpoint. Dr. Alexander Gerber (BÖLW): “Increased cooperation and solidarity in the global organic sector contribute to making the world a better place to live in. It is a matter of ensuring transparency and traceability over the entire value chain at the same time. This is essential for security and for the ethical and ecological assessability of the products, and therefore for consumer trust too.”

Regionality and globalization in the international organic market

Markus Arbenz (IFOAM): “Regional economic cycles have always been a guiding principle for the international organic movement. At the same time, social and economic developments at local level are often first made possible by global trade. Internationality also stands for variety. Discussions at BioFach will look at how the ecological optimization of value chains can be reconciled with global networking. We also face global challenges that call for global solutions. We live on the same planet – only globally coordinated action can secure its survival. This is what the organic community of values stands for.”

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