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69706 Bebidas Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Mexico Concentrado de frutas 2022-02-07 2020-09-25
Descripción : we process your fruit and vegetables to juice and purées from 6 tons to 20 tons per day, on your farm
69707 Bebidas Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Mexico Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2022-03-07 2020-09-25
Descripción : Ginger juice
59404 Bebidas Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Japan Bebidas a base de plantas (tisanas, concentrados, elixires) 2022-07-01 2020-09-18
  Descripción : NOP(JONA)/ EU(ICEA)/ JAS Certified Organic Japanese Teas
Sencha, Genmai-cha, Macha, Gyokuro, Hoji-cha
in bulk and small pack for consumer.
Origin: Japan (Uji)
82455 Bebidas Other Francia Bebidas alcohólicas (aperitivos, cerveza, cidra, champagne, aguardiente, vino) 2023-03-27 2020-09-08
  Descripción : : ORGANIC WINES from Languedoc, VDP d’Oc, VDP Hérault.

Domaine de BANNIERES : family estate since 1768. For further information, please visit our web site:

No weeding, no artificial fertiliser, no systemic, no synthetic pesticide. Certicated by ECOCERT

Grenache rose. « le rosé de la Commanderie 2006 » ; 12 % vol. , 175 hl VDP Herault.This wine is entirely made from 37 years old stocks

Syrah, old Carignan and Grenache : «Selection 2005 »; 12 % vol. , assemblage, 66 hl VDP Herault

Syrah, old Carignan and Grenache : «Selection 2006 »; 11,5 % vol. , assemblage, 300 hl VDP Herault

Syrah 20% - Grenache 80% : « Saveurs du Sud 2004 » ; 12,5% vol. : assemblage, 1200 bottles VDP OC

Cabernet Sauvignon 100 % : Cabernet Sauvignon. 2005 , 14% vol., 60 hl VDP Herault, silver medal Amphore 2007,

Cabernet Sauvignon 100 % : Cabernet Sauvignon. 2006 , 12,5% vol., 260 hl VDP Herault,
69437 Bebidas Other Gran Gran Bretana Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2022-10-10 2020-09-08
Descripción : Tullens Fruit Farm shop in West Sussex offers English apples, organic apple juice, apple recipes, apple juice recipe, etc
72518 Bebidas Other Great Britain (UK) Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2022-09-12 2020-09-08
Descripción : English apples juice from Farm Shop
99714 Bebidas Other Sri Lanka Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2023-02-02 2020-07-15
Descripción : Organic King Coconut water -
The global coconut water market is expected to cross $8.3 billion by 2023, with an impressive CAGR of 25% during 2017-2023. Noted leading vendors in the global coconut water market are expected to commit investments of up to $1 billion over this forecast period.
The boost in the market growth is attributed to an increased global awareness over factors such as health and nutrition, global warming and climate change as well as increased investments and pro- government policies in coconut farming that bolster supply.
However, while coconut water is supplied by many countries, the naturally sweeter tasting King Coconut only grows naturally in two countries in the world. This rare pure liquid is a part of the daily diet of locals as well as travellers for the duration of their visit. Seeing its unique appeal and rarity, we aim to supply this elixir for you all year round in a glass bottle with an added benefit of a 12 month shelf life.
99713 Bebidas Other Francia Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2022-11-21 2020-07-15
Descripción : Gamme de Thés Glacés BIO premium

- 100% naturel
- Infusé à froid avec de vraies feuilles de thé
- Faible teneur en sucre (2,5gr pour 100ml)
- 4 saveurs différentes :

1. Citron Gingembre avec thé vert
2. Fruits Rouges Menthe avec Rooibos
3. Pêche Vanille avec thé blanc
4. Pomme Cannelle avec thé Oolong
99686 Bebidas Other Afghanistan Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2023-10-04 2020-06-24
  Descripción : e Greenfield Bio Plantations Pvt Ltd a leading manufacturers and expoters of certified organic tea, spice, herbs and fruits.We also hold the following certifications.


our Teas
1.Organic Black Tea
2.Organic Green Tea
3.Organic Flavoured Tea-Earl Tea,Vanilla,etc.,
82045 Bebidas Other Portugal Bebidas alcohólicas (aperitivos, cerveza, cidra, champagne, aguardiente, vino) 2022-12-02 2020-06-02
  Descripción : We produce organic fruit liqueurs and brandies.

Our fruit brandies are made 100% out of organic fruit cultivated on the portuguese Oeste region. With 40% alcohol they are ideal for those who prefer stronger beverages.

Our fruit liqueurs are made out of our fruit brandies, fruit, spices and sugar. With a sweet taste and a low alcohol content – 16% vol. – they can be considered more of a crème than classic liqueurs.
78414 Bebidas Other La India Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2021-10-10 2020-06-02
  Descripción : People are getting more and more conscious about their health due to the fast-pace life we are leading. Organic Tea has replaced the conventional tea owing to its excellent beneficial properties. Organic Tea gives soothing effect, improves digestion & metabolism, helps reduce weight, improves immunity, etc. Organic Tea that we offer is 100% organic and rich in anti-oxidants. Available in different flavors, our Organic Tea is appreciated for its great taste and enticing aroma. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of following Organic Tea varieties :

Organic Moringa Oleifera Tea
Organic Moringa Ginger Tea
Organic Moringa Cinnamon Tea
Organic Hibiscus Tea
Organic Tulsi Tea
Organic Green Tea
Organic Lemon Grass Tea
75589 Bebidas Other Polonia Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2022-12-12 2020-04-30
Descripción : The Eurotex company is the import/export distribiutor of the natural raw materials, which is used in food and nutrition industry. We have in our offer the juices, juice concentrates, fruits & vegetables extracts, oils & etc raw materials.
71596 Bebidas Other Paises Bajos Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2021-02-15 2020-04-30
Descripción : Organic fruit and vegeteables juice with NO: Preservatives
Added sugar
Added water
71259 Bebidas Other Espana Concentrado de frutas 2021-03-25 2020-04-06
  Descripción : We offer our customers products of excellent quality, putting at the service of them, our extensive experience in the field of export, especially of products as: organic juices, creams of vegetables, gazpacho, canned vegetables, olives, jams, etc.

Our main clients are shops, supermarket chains, and large distributors in general, so our system of work and staff are fully adapted to their needs, both legal requirements, product traceability, quality packaging and palletizing.

Choosing green products means choosing products fresh, tasty, authentic, no organisms genetically modified or modified by flavouring, colourings or artificial sweeteners, at the time that are respectful with the life cycles of natural systems. All of these products come from certified ecological raw materials.
99130 Bebidas Qualite France Francia Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 2022-02-03 2020-03-10
Descripción : Royal Berry est une entreprise familiale spécialisée dans la fabrication d'une large gamme de produits naturels de haute qualité et à forte valeur nutrionnelle et diététique grâce à un mécanisme breveté. Nous sommes à la fois producteur et fabriquant.

Nous disposons de 5 saveurs pour la confiture 125g

Fraise, framboise, cassis, argousier-framboise, aronia-coing.
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