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97717 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2020-11-21 2019-05-21
  Descripción : APEX GLOBAL TRADING AND MARKETING is an international trader and placement agent.

As A Trader:

We Buy and Sell Commodities
We work as commision based agents/mandates. Facilitating sales, purchases and negotiation.
We serve as a platform where traders and business people meet, share ideas, talk business and propagate creativity.
We are affiliates and partners to a few business around the globe
96468 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2020-01-01 2018-10-30
  Descripción : Organic Dairy products
91383 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2017-12-12 2017-06-13
  Descripción : Apple cider vinegar, sherry vinegar
86319 Comestibles Tomate salsa 2018-12-31 2016-05-31
  Descripción : passata, pulpe, concentré et cuisiné pour distribution
86318 Comestibles Tomate salsa 2018-12-31 2016-05-31
  Descripción : passata, pulpe, concentré et cuisiné pour distribution
86315 Comestibles Productos aperitivos 2018-12-31 2016-05-31
  Descripción : vertes et noires pour distribution
84963 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2020-10-01 2016-02-26
  Descripción : The Real Food is a new whole seller in CEE region with on retail chain, sales team, warehouse and logistic.
82676 Comestibles Alimento para bebés 2018-02-02 2015-09-18
  Descripción : Organic baby food
Delivery place: Australia
82054 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2018-02-02 2015-07-17
  Descripción : We are a trading and manufacturing company from Taiwan which specialized in Fertilizers. Chemicals, Fruit, Liquor and Mineral water import and export .
Now we want to know more and import ORGANIC FOOD products from all over the world, and we would like to be your sole agent in our country, especially for the ORGANIC CERTIFIED FOOD with “Ecocert, USDA and IFOAM certification approval”.

Please offer product catalog for reference.

We are interested in Honey,Olive oil......etc.
But we must have product which has these organic cerfified"Ecocert, USDA and IFOAM certification approval”.
82040 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2017-03-27 2015-07-15
  Descripción : Interested in importing and exporting organic products.
Delivery place: Germany
78956 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2015-12-10 2014-11-20
  Descripción : Processed Foods, Canned Meat, Canned Fish
Delivery place: Australia
75663 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2015-12-12 2014-03-21
  Descripción : Baby food
delivery place: Australia
66910 Comestibles Pastas 2014-03-02 2012-10-01
  Descripción : For Romanian market.
Bulk or retail.
64081 Comestibles Otros comestibles 2013-02-23 2012-03-15
  Descripción : sugar free and raw food
64079 Comestibles Soja y derivados (granos, gérmenes, salsas, postres, tortas) 2013-01-20 2012-03-15
  Descripción : GMO free soy meat
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