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Argital natural and organic cosmetics are made in Italy.

Argital company is precisely based in Sicily in a sunny, windy and clean place, in front of the Mediterranean sea and near the quarry from which the green Clay is mined.

Argital was born over 30 years ago and has become a leader in the production of green Clay based Natural cosmetics. Argital green Clay brings to the body life-giving forces and warm energy absorbed from the Sun during the drying process. The exceptional properties of green Clay, like its plasticity, make it ideal as a body modeling agent and as a natural anti-ageing product.

Our best seller products are green Clay powder and Claytube, a ready to use green Cay mask for body and face.

We also produce a very wide range of products like creams for body and face, shampoos, oils for body and face, toothpastes, all of them containing green Clay gel with addition of organic and natural officinal herbs' extracts, vegetable oils and essential oils. Argital products do not contain chemical ingredients and/or preservatives and are not tested on animals. They are natural and organic certified by BDIH and ICEA.

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